Sewing Dictionary: Russian – English

I’ve noticed a growing interest of the international sewing community in Russian sewing patterns. Therefore, I thought I would provide a little dictionary of the terms I’ve come across in sewing my Diana coat. Hopefully this will be helpful to others struggling with Google Translate’s sketchy translations! Russian Romanized English бочок bochok side верхняя часть… Continue reading Sewing Dictionary: Russian – English

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How Fabric is Made: Visiting the Zuleeg Weaving Mill

Last weekend, early September 2019, I attended a sewing retreat hosted by Zuleeg, a German fabric manufacturer/weaving mill located in northern Bavaria. On the first evening of the retreat, we got a tour of the mill and a first-hand look at how fabric is made. I recommend this article for basic information on how weaving… Continue reading How Fabric is Made: Visiting the Zuleeg Weaving Mill

A Self-drafted Evening Gown

In June, my husband and I visited Moscow. During this visit, we viewed an exhibition about Russian fashion history, and also attended a ballet performance at the Bolshoi Theater. Naturally, I didn’t pass up this opportunity to make myself an evening gown! Inspiration My first source of inspiration were the elegent evening gowns designed by… Continue reading A Self-drafted Evening Gown