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I’ve noticed a growing interest of the international sewing community in Russian sewing patterns. Therefore, I thought I would provide a little dictionary of the terms I’ve come across in sewing my Diana coat. Hopefully this will be helpful to others struggling with Google Translate’s sketchy translations!

верхняя часть рукаваverkhnyaya chast’ rukavaupper sleeve
воротник верхнийvorotnik verkhniyupper collar
воротник нижнийvorotnik nizhniyunder collar
ВТОVTOpress with steam
дет., детальdetal’(pattern) piece
дублерин / дублеринаdublerin, dublerinainterfacing
изнанка / изнаночная сторонаiznanka / iznanochnaya storonawrong side
клейkleyfusible interfacing
лицевaя сторонаlitsevaya storonaright side (of fabric)
машинкаmashinkasewing machine
нижняя часть рукаваnizhnyaya chast’ rukavaunder sleeve
обтачка горловины спинкиobtachka gorloviny spinkiback facing/yoke
плечевые накладкиplechevyye nakladkishoulder pads
подбортpodbortfront facing
подзорpodzorpocket facing
подокатникиpodokatnikisleeve heads
приутюжитьpriutiuzhit’to press
сколоть булавкамиskolot’ bulavkamito pin
сметатьsmetat’to baste
со сгибомso sgibomon the fold
стачатьstachat’to stitch
стачать на машинкаstachat’ na mashinkato stitch with the machine
стойкаstoïkacollar stand

Let me know in the comments if you have terms to add or need one translated!

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By Bettina

After years of knitting, embroidering and general crafting, I started sewing in April 2018. I mostly sew clothes for myself, but every now and then I'll make something for my husband or sew bags.


  1. hi I have this term i dont understand
    google translate told me it was 1 Children folded ??

    1 AeT. co crn6om = which i take could mean cut 1 on the fold?
    because above that is the words “set in belt”

    so my question what would 2 AeT. mean?

    1. Hi Alecia, I think the original must have been “1 дет. со сгибом”. Is that right? If so, that means “1 pattern piece on fold”, as in “cut one of this on the fold”. “2 дет.” would mean “2 pieces”, so cut two of that one.

  2. thank you for this vocabulary list, I would appreciate it if you let me know what is a dart panel called in Russian.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by “dart panel”. Could you please clarify? A dart itself is called “вытачка”

    1. Hi Lorrie, what exactly do you mean by “Russian sewing measurements”? Are you looking for the words for bust/waist/hips in Russian? Or maybe a conversion from metric measurements (centimeters) to imperial (inches)?

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